Max Garden Galax™ Visually “Paul Revere’s” Dr. Sebi’s Alkaline CellFood List….

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by : Max Verde

The Max Garden Galax™ is a GALAX(y) of gardening, remedy, and approaching life holistically.

As a N.E.R.D. I soak up info like a sponge and ring out knowledge to those open to receive. This Galax(y) is about gardens, herbs, etc. and I'm inviting you to come and learn with me. To take this journey with me.

A GALAX(y) of gardening, remedy, and approaching life holistically means that on the blog and on social media you will find information, sites, blog posts, and an invitation to share your knowledge on Nature, Health, and Wellness. You will learn from me, but I will in turn learn from you.

I wanted to start with Dr. Sebi and his Alkaline CellFood principles, because just as I do, he believed that all that ails the body comes from inflammation and / or mucous build up. And that such ailments can be made significantly more manageable (OR CURED) by using what is grown and nurtured in nature.

My "Where the hell is...?" moment was when I was looking for BROCCOLI…

Dr. Sebi’s CellFood list will have you amazed at what ISN'T on the list.

For many years there have been staples in your fridge, freezer and at your dinner table, that weren't the ORIGINAL staples, and thus have been spliced together in labs reducing the nutritional content. Or providing trade offs that when you peel back the details will have you opting for the ORIGINAL menu. Not the "revised." I don't pretend to be a die hard disciple of Dr. Sebi’s movement, but just having the clarity to know what is best for me (even if I choose otherwise) helps me to be MUCH more cognizant of the foods that I consume.

My "Where the hell is...?" moment was when I was looking for BROCCOLI…

Yep nowhere to be found because it is a "revision" of nature. Will you be honest and tell me yours?

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The store should be ready to go by October 2017.

I look forward to learning with you.

Let's believe in the future... together!